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THE PROGRAM STRATEGY: Thematic I cross music time zones and genres on a common theme. For example: “RU Bluish?”, “Tune Town”, “Astral Projection”, String Theory”, “Cowpokes”, etc. The titles of the themes are to tidilate curiosity in listeners. Lucien’sWorld weaves music together on the topic of the theme. As an example “RU Bluish?” is a blues playlist and “Tune Town” is music sountrack selections from animated features.
Preparing a show starts days, even weeks in advance of its presentation on Monday night. A member of our “listening family” suggested that an explanation of my “mixology and presentation strategy” might create a more pleasurable experience and suggestion opportunities. So, here goes……….. CREATING A THEME Each week a “top-line” theme is introduced. Past theme examples include; Dancing (Go Feet), Best Bands You Rarely Hear, Fusion, Don’ts, Frolicking in Lugubrium, Flower Power, Sprout, Ladies Night (our beloved 51%), Spacemen, Elvis Genesis, Time and more. I like to choose themes which mix time periods and genres of quality music that keeps listeners guessing and entertained. Would you like to suggest a theme?…….. Shout-Out !! CREATING A FUN MIX THAT FITS THE THEME I really try to turn listeners on to music that is rarely heard, and in mixes they have never heard before. Opera actually segues nicely after Frank Zappa's "Eat That Question" !!! Not the whole opera of course, but a well-chosen aria with incredible mezzo soprano and soprano voices that blend wonderfully. My hope is to play music that will be intriguing and enjoyable for any listener who wants to hear familiar and unfamiliar music of past and present. Any genre could be represented in Lucien'sWorld - from Zappa to Opera - from the 1920s to present. If it sounds good, it is good. The music and mix may seem eclectic and unpredictable at times, but, hopefully, always a fun learning and listening experience. More Music – Less Talk. My wife and friends keep me in check. Here are a few themed mix samples:
Dancing Shows
Best Bands You Rarely Hear
Ladies Nights
Long Plays
Surfs Up !
Beatle Stew
Love Deluxe